A Character Profile

A character profile is a great tool for an author to use while writing a novel. You should create one for every character in your story.

You can put anything that makes sense to you in your profiles. Some examples might include the following.


  • birth day
  • age
  • height
  • weight
  • hair
  • eyes


  • personality
  • sense of humor
  • religion
  • family
  • friends
  • enemies


  • education
  • employment
  • music
  • hobbies

Continue updating your profiles while you write your novel. Refer to it often to keep all the little facts straight.

Continue reading for an example character profile.


  • Flint McGruffel

Physical Traits

  • Birth day – 7.14.0042
  • Age – 27.5
    • Flint was born 42 years after the two great mages fought. The inhabitants of Bowldar reset time after the great wars. Similar to our BC and AD.
    • The story starts at the date 1.7.70.
      • The festival of Midwinter is about to start. (Winter Solstice)
      • The winter solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet’s polar hemisphere is farthest away from the star that it orbits.
    • Height – 4’1”
      • 49 inches tall.
    • Weight – 154 lbs.
    • Hair – Brown
    • Eyes – Black

Emotional and family life

  • Personality – Flint is slow to anger. He is kind and compassionate. He cherishes all life. He values a good day’s work.
  • Sense of Humor – Average sense of humor. For a Dwarf.
  • Religion – Flint outwardly believes in the Earth Mother. She is the deity of the Dwarfs. They believe she is the giver of all life and their protector.
    • Flint’s father has magical powers given by the Earth Mother that can be used to heal the sick and wounded.
    • Flint is a Priest and does not yet possess the ability to heal magically. His father wants him to participate in this year’s Midwinter festival and became a Bishop. Flint is silently conflicted with this choice.
  • Family – Flint is an only son of Margaret and Patrick McGruffel
    • Patrick is the archbishop of the Deeps. He is their highest ranking spiritual leader. He expects his son to follow in his footsteps.
    • Margaret is the quintessential mother. She works primarily in the home. She is supportive of her husband Patrick and her son Flint. She struggles to remain neutral.
  • Friends – Jessica Stein is Flint’s best friend. She is the daughter of a forge master in the Deeps.
    • Flint is expected to socialize with other Dwarfs of similar stature to that of his family. Not with someone that works in a forge.
  • Enemies – Valerkon may become Flint’s enemy.

Intellectual and work life

  • Education – Flint has trained to be a spiritual leader of the Dwarfs all his life.
  • Employment – Flint is currently a Priest of the Deeps.
    • Dwarf priests are in the early stages of becoming attuned with the Earth Mother and learning how to heal through prayer.
  • Music –
  • Hobbies – Flint enjoys hanging out at the forge with his best friend Jessica learning how to work the various metals into useful tools and weapons for the traders. He also enjoys drinking ale at the Inn.

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