Three of Cups

Three of Cups
Three of Cups

Basic Interpretation

For me, Cups embody beauty, emotion, desire, inner experience, love, peace, and fertility.

Some key meanings for the Three of Cups are listed below.

  • Abundance 
  • Success 
  • Celebration 
  • Bountiful Harvest 

There are a loving fulfillment and achievement of goals shown in this card. It’s a great celebration after some victory or accomplishment, such as a bountiful harvest. You are sensitive and sympathetic to your friends. They enjoy your company both emotionally and spiritually. You can expect success, abundance and good luck in your undertakings. As well as happiness hospitality and pleasure.


  • Over Indulgence 
  • Premature Celebration 
  • Unlucky 
  • Gossip 

Mind your P’s and Q’s at the party. Overindulgence in food and drink could be trouble. Social gatherings of any kind, even around the water cooler at work tend to breed gossip. This can result in an emotional roller coaster ride for many. Don’t celebrate any apparent victory too soon. Your true talents and abilities seem to lie hidden for the moment. A quick solution to any problem can backfire, so take it easy for now. 

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